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Oregon Blackberry Cake

Tiered Cakes

Tiered cakes are usually for a large crowd, and are sliced in 1" x 2" slices.  This is the standard "wedding slice."  They are tall cakes though, and rich in flavor so most people find one slice to be plenty.  They are priced by the slice with the upper tiers costing a bit more due to the extra labor and support system. When choosing sizes for your tiered cake, keep in mind that a two-inch difference in diameter between tiers gives a "tower" look and a 3-or 4-inch size difference gives a more traditional "stack of cakes" look.                  


Pricing for a tiered cake begins at $3.50 per slice for the bottom tier.

Additional tiers are $3.85 per slice.

Below you will find an example of a 3-tier cake and its cost breakdown. 


Example: 10" + 7" + 4" tiered cake

Bottom tier = $140.00 (3.50 X 40 servings)

Middle tier = $69.30 (3.85 X 18 servings)

Top tier      =$30.80 (3.85 X 8 servings)



This is for a basic cake that has been filled and frosted and given a border but no additional fancy decorating has been added.  Fancy decorating pricing depends on cost of materials and time involved and might include but is not limited to:


+ fondant =$64.00 (actual costs will vary)

+ Piping   =$15.00 (actual costs will vary)

+ garnish  =$5.00 (actual costs will vary)


Added to the example cake this would give a total cost of $324.10


Sometimes brides choose a smaller, more economical tiered cake and then order side cakes in order to feed the remaining guests.  Side cakes are filled and iced cakes without any borders or decoration or the extra steps and precision that a tiered cake gets.  They can be kept in the kitchen for cutting, or can be cut right at the serving table.  Some brides choose side cakes that are the same size and flavor as the bottom or middle tier so they are aesthetically in harmony with their wedding cake.  Of course, minimal decorating can be done to tie it in with the primary cake.  Prices vary according to how fancy the flavors and fillings are.  




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Side Cakes and Party Cakes Prices


Party cakes are not usually tiered but if they are, pricing is done according to the Tiered Cakes section to the left.  Pricing for party cakes is the same as the side cakes, with additional cost for decoration. Up to three fillings may be chosen for these.

My cakes are taller than a regular bakery cake, so they go farther.


4" round = $25

6" round = $35

7" round = $40

8" round = $45

10" round = $60

12" round = $105

16" round = $215


9" square = $60

10" square = $70

11" square = $80

12" square = $90


Ask about other sizes


Sheet cakes

Sheet cakes are not as tall as side and party cakes.  They are cut into 2" x 2" slices. Up to two fillings may be chosen.  The price in parentheses is for sheet cakes with two fillings as they are one layer taller than a regular sheet cake (though still not as tall as a side/party cake) They are cut in 2" X 1.5" slices.

9" x 9" = $18 ($23)

9" x 13" = $20 ($25)

10" x 15" = $30 ($35)


Tiny Cakes

Cupcakes: $0.75-$5.00 each

Cake balls: $1.00-$2.00 each


Servings per cake


Party cakes

4" round = 8 servings

6" round = 12 servings

7" round = 18 servings

8" round = 24 servings

10" round = 40 servings

12" round = 70 servings

16" round = 128 servings


9" square = 35 servings

10" square = 50 servings

11" square = 55 servings

12" square = 72 servings


Sheet cakes

9" x 9" = 16 (20) servings

9" x 13" = 26 (38) servings

10" x 15" = 35 (48) servings


*Ask about my double cakes: twice as many servings per cake


Cake balls:  This is one of the new cake trends.  They are a great party treat.  Cake balls are cake mixed with a little frosting, rolled into small balls and dipped in chocolate.  They are VERY rich because of the chocolate coating.  They can be made with any flavor of cake and can even have a dab of filling injected into the center.  After dipping they can be rolled in coconut or sugar or  nuts or sprinkles.  Or have a tiny flower placed on each one!  Although they are smaller, I find that a single cake ball has more impact than a cupcake because it is so rich.