Party Cakes

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French vanilla icing, modeling chocolate figure and Legos

whipped cream icing, suar paste flowers

covered in fondant, fondant figures

iced in ganache, sugar paste flowers, leaves

covered in fondant, hand painted pictures

covered in fondant, hand painted pictures

whipped cream icing, sugar paste, fondant stripes

whipped cream icing, fondant mushrooms

buttercream iced with fondant figures

buttercream icing, fondant and modeling chocolate acorns and flowers

iced in ganache, sugar paste flowers

iced in buttercream, sugar paste flowers, white chocolate lettering brushed with silver

iced in Classic Buttercream, modeling chocolate hummingbird, sugar paste flower

6" cake, chocolate buttercream, sugar paste lamb

iced in stabilized whipped cream, sugar flowers

iced in stabilized whipped cream, sugar flowers

Halloween cake iced in buttercream, modeling chocolate figure

iced in stabilized whipped cream, sugar flowers

iced in chocolate ganache, topped and filled with chocolate mousse, topped with chocloate shavings

chocolate buttercream icing and chocolate curls

Iced with dark chocolate ganache, detail with buttercream

Lemon buttercream icing, sugar flowers

Buttercream icing, sugar flowers and leaves

buttercream icing, black fondant cut-outs

Chocolate buttercream, sugar flowers

Chocolate whipped icing, details in dark chocolate ganache

iced in dark chocolate ganache, buttercream border, royal icing violets and leaves

Chocolate buttercream icing, decorated with buttercream and royal icing daisies

buttercream icing, border and leaves, royal icing roses

buttercream icing

buttercream icing, sugar flowers and leaves

whipped cream icing, buttercream berries and leaves

buttercream icing with fondant ribbon

buttercream icing, meringue flowers

buttercream icing, fondant cutouts, marzipan and fondant figures

buttercream icing and roses, marzipan mushrooms and animals. sugar flowers

buttercream icing and luster dust

French buttercream

3 10" cakes: Oregon blackberry (lilac color), Tropical Island Pineapple (white) and Chocolate cake iced in buttercream (yellow)

three 10" cakes with sugar paste sweet pea

9"X13" sheet cake with non-dairy whipped icing and sugar paste flowers

ganache icing with gold flecks

whipped cream icing, sprinkles

buttercream, sugar blossoms

buttercream with buttercream roses

buttercream with buttercream roses

sheet cake with chocolate ganache icing and marzipan roses

whipped cream icing with buttercream leaves

butter with sugarpaste sweetpea bouquet

sheet cake, chocolate ganache icing, sugarpaste blossoms

buttercream with sugarpaste cymbidium orchid

buttercream with sugar sweetpea

chocolate buttercream sugar flowers and leaves

iced in classic buttercream, fondant details, fondant baby toys

Iced in stabilized vanilla and chocolate whipped cream