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 Vanilla Orchid Cakes


Cutting the cake: after the bride and groom have cut the first slice.

First: remove any inedible decorations from the top of the cake, and make sure your cake plates are large enough to accommodate the 5"-6” tall cake slices.


Wedding and Side cake slices should be 1”x2” pieces.  When slicing a round cake, do not cut in wedges.  You will cut in straight rows, so with the exception of the first and last slice per row, the pieces will be a perfectly uniform width.  Begin by making a horizontal cut across the cake (you may cut partway or the entire width of the cake, whichever you are most comfortable with), two inches up from the bottom (the side closest to your body). You will then cut a vertical slice 1 inch from the left or right edge. (it is actually better to make the first and last slice a good half inch thicker on the first and last row only) This cut will be exactly perpendicular to the first cut.  Place the slice of cake on a plate before you make another slice, 1 inch away from your new straight edge.  Each time you cut a slice it must be immediately placed on a plate before cutting the next one. It is helpful to have an extra person to handle plates. When the first row is finished, repeat the procedure, beginning your next row two inches up from the new bottom of the cake.


Use your discretion whether you want to separate the tiers before slicing or not.  If the cake is too tall to cut comfortably or seems unstable, remove the top tier and slice and serve it, then repeat with the next one.   Make sure you use a sharp, thin-bladed knife and have a stack of paper towels (damp, if possible) to wipe off the blade frequently. Have a box or container under the table to stow the inedible pieces of the support structure (dowels and cardboard discs, used-up paper towels, etc).   You will find it quicker and easier to not use the cake server, just you’re your hands and the knife (it is courteous to use a plastic glove on the hand that will be touching the cake slices).

Square cakes follow the same procedure and are even easier, since the edges are straight to begin with. The first and last slice of the first and last row will be the same width (1 inch) as all the other slices.


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