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Please see the Pricing page for cake sizes and prices




Cake Flavors

Almond White My most popular flavor, this is a very versatile, pure white cake

Vanilla White enough said

White marbled with berry The color contrast makes a beautiful effect once the cake is sliced.

Yellow Very light texture and buttery taste

Chocolate Fudge Very rich flavor, fudge-like texture

Coconut A Southern favorite; rich and coconutty, but not too sweet

Lemon Coconut A clean citrus burst complements the richness of coconut

Carrot Just like my Grandpa used to make

Whole Wheat Maple Carrot  This cake is made without refined sugar or flour, but your guests won't know it's healthy unless you tell!

Banana A great southern classic with or without pecans, perfect with chocolate icing

Peach dainty and ladylike

Mango marble Mango flavored white cake with a mango puree swirl

Orange tender white cake with a fresh orange twist

Champagne a sophisticated variation on the classic white cake

Peanut Butter for the kid in everyone

Cheesecake perfect New York style

Island Pineapple Mild, delicate and not overly sweet

Lemon Poppy seed A real crowd pleaser

Honey cake This Scottish classic tastes exactly like its name.  Its texture is more dense than a yellow or white cake.


Don't be afraid to mix and match cake flavors. 


Tasty Combinations


Coconut Fudge Cake

Alternating layers of Chocolate fudge cake and Coconut cake.  Filled with alternating layers of dark chocolate ganache and creamy coconut filling.  You decide if you want it iced in coconut flavored icing or chocolate ganache. 


Karyn's Special Mango

Almond white cake with one layer of homemade mango filling and another layer of white chocolate mousse filling and fresh mango slices.  Iced with stabilized whipped cream.  This combination was created by my friend Karyn.


Lady Baltimore Cake

Almond white cake filled with a coconut, maraschino cherry, almond and cookie crumb filling.  Iced with Italian Meringue icing. 


Chocolate Peanut Butter

Chocolate fudge cake iced and filled with peanut butter classic buttercream and a chocolate ganache border.


Filling Flavors

Buttercream Classic frosting filling

Whipped mousse Strawberry, mango, white chocolate, chocolate, blackberry or raspberry

Lemon filling

Whipped cheesecake filling

Coconut custard rich and creamy

Whipped coconut light and airy




Orange marmalade

Apricot Great with Almond White cake

Nutella Chocolate hazelnut

Custard filling Smooth and buttery texture

Mango filling


Deluxe fillings (extra charge)

Chocolate ganache

White chocolate ganache

Fresh berry filling

Fresh berries

Fresh peach slices

Fresh mango slices

Lemon curd sweet and tangy

Lime curd Bright, tart lime flavor

Orange curd Smooth and sweet

Pineapple curd With crushed pineapple

Cheesecake A real cheesecake placed between cake layers-yum!

Premium chocolate mousse

Lemon Chiffon A lovely lemon mousse



Garnish for plates

Fresh berries

Citrus slices

Candied coconut strips

Candied citrus peel

Candied nuts

Fresh flowers

Sugar flowers

Meringue flowers

Royal Icing flowers

Marzipan figures or flowers

flavored syrups

Meringue initials

Royal icing initials or shapes

chocolate curls







Includes but is not limited to piped icing, fresh flowers, sugar flowers or figures, brushwork, etc.  Pricing varies according to the cost of materials  and amount of labor involved.









Classic Buttercream Slight off-white color

Peanut Butter Buttercream caramel color

Stabilized whipped cream slight off-white color

Non-dairy whipped cream bright white color

Royal Icing bright white color, dries hard

French vanilla buttercream tastes like vanilla ice cream-very buttery, off white color

French buttercream Smooth butter-like texture, slight off white color

Italian meringue Fluffy texture, bright white

Custard buttercream smooth texture, off-white

Berry custard smooth texture

Marshmallow fondant white, smooth finish


Deluxe Icings (extra charge)

Wedding white buttercream bright white

Chocolate or white chocolate ganache

Rolled fondant

Marzipan very sweet fondant-like covering made from ground almonds

Modeling chocolate


All Icings can be custom colored

Please see the Pricing page for cake sizes and prices.


Fantasy Cakes


Oregon Blackberry

This fantastic recipe was created by Stephanie of the Candied Walnut Patisserie.  Layers of blackberry-marbled white cake, alternating with layers of cheesecake.  Filled with Oregon marionberry preserves & a layer of candied hazelnut crunch.  Iced with tangy lemon-blackberry custard icing.  A real show-stopper





Tropical Island Pineapple

Delicate Island Pineapple cake filled with lemon curd, lime curd and orange curd.  Iced with whipped cream icing with a hint of coconut flavor.  On the plate the colors are beautiful and the flavor is unexpected and amazing





Coconut Cloud/Coconut Cream

Choice 1: Airy white cake with fluffy whipped cream coconut filling and icing.  Choice 2: a richer, more substantial white cake with a coconut custard filling.


Angel Limoncello

Heavenly homemade angel food cake layered with Limoncello whipped cream filling.  Iced with whipped cream marscapone icing.